Display an NMR ensembleΒΆ

In this sample we are going to use the loadAllModels option of the PDB parser to load all structures present in a multi-model PDB file. The models are then displayed together in the viewer using the cartoon render mode.

Source Code

var viewer = pv.Viewer(document.getElementById('viewer'),
                      { width : 300, height : 300, antialias : true });

pv.io.fetchPdb('_static/1nmr.pdb', function(structures) {
    // put this in the viewerReady block to make sure we don't try to add the
    // object before the viewer is ready. In case the viewer is completely
    // loaded, the function will be immediately executed.
    viewer.on('viewerReady', function() {
      var index = 0;
      structures.forEach(function(s) {
        viewer.cartoon('structure_' + (index++), s);
      // adjust center of view and zoom such that all structures can be seen.
      var rotation = pv.viewpoint.principalAxes(viewer.all()[0]);
},  { loadAllModels : true });